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Release DateAugust 20, 2015
PlatformsPlayStation, iOS

About the Game

Horizon Chase is a modern take on the 90s old-school racers for arcade lovers. The game features a unique art direction, with a bright and colorful palette that mixes low-poly environments and highly detailed 2D backgrounds. Controls are very straightforward and comfortable, providing an exciting arcade experience. Composed by Barry Leitch (Top Gear, Lotus and Rush series), the soundtrack is uniquely techno-inspired and energetic.

What really sets Horizon Chase apart from other racing games is the blend of its arcade style and the strong sense of actual exploration and discovery that the player feels through its many and quite diverse circuits, many of them dominated by natural landscapes.


  • Classic Arcade Gameplay.
  • 16-Bit Graphics Reinvented.
  • Barry Leitch's Soundtrack.
  • Compete Against Friends.
  • No In-App Purchase.
  • 16 Unlockable Cars.
  • Car Upgrading
  • 8 Cups, 32 Cities, 73 Tracks
  • Diverse Weather Changes
  • 7 Input Methods (MFi Gamepad Compatibility)


  • Rookie Series
  • Summer Vibes
  • Senna Forever
  • China Spirit

Awards & Recognition

"Best Indie Game of 2016" by Brazilian Indie Game Festival (BIG)

"Best Game of 2015" by developers choice at SBGames 2016

"Best Audio of 2015" by SBGames 2016

"Editor's Choice in the App Store US and dozens of other countries" by Apple Editors

"BEST OF 2015 by Apple Store Editors and featured in more than 154 countries" by Apple Editors

"Gold Award & Top 20 Best iPhone Games of 2015 Award" by Pocketgamer

"Best iOS Games of 2015 & Game of the Week Award" by Touch Arcade Editors.

"Best iOS games of 2015 Award" by MacWorld, AppAdvice, FanSided and Apple 'N' Apps.

"50 best iPhone games in 2015 Award" Techradar

"Best Mobile Game of the Year" Game Mob

"3rd Place at Pocket Gamer's Gamescom BIG Indie Pitch 2015" Gamescom, August, 2015

"Best Mobile Game of 2015 Award" IGN Brasil

"Best Brazilian Game of 2015 Audience Award" UOL Jogos

"Best Brazilian Game of 2015" Brazil Game Awards

Selected Articles

"Metacritic score: 88 (#29 Best iOS Game of 2015)." - Metacritic, Site

"I feel like I could go on and on about Horizon Chase, it's really that good. It looks great, it plays great, it's got a ton of content, it's a paltry 3 bucks with no in-app purchases. If you like racing games even in the slightest, you'd be doing yourself a favor by playing this little gem of a game. It's doing well in the charts currently and people in our forums are raving about it, so hopefully that means there's a long, bright future ahead for Horizon Chase." - Jared Nelson (Game of the Week - TouchArcade)
Carter Dotson (score 5/5 - Toucharcade

"Arcade racers should instil within you a sense of joy. They should make your heart shudder, your buttocks clench, and your mouth spew out the very worst expletives when you crash on the last corner. But they should also have a sense of swagger. A cockiness that's nothing to do with any in-game characters or tacked-on story, but that stems from the stench of nitrous oxide burning and the sound of tyres squealing to stick to the road. And Horizon Chase has all of this in spades. It's full of bravado, but it's all generated by some of the best racing you're ever likely to see on mobile. And it looks absolutely stunning."
Harry Slater (Gold Award - Pocket Gamer 9/10) - Pocketgamer

"It looks gorgeous, with some stunning weather effects, and an odd but pleasing low-poly roadside-object style; it sounds great with veteran games musician Barry Leitch on soundtrack duties; but most importantly, it handles perfectly, and is a joy until the very last track."
Craig Grannell and Giancarlo Saldana. - One of the 50 best iPhone games in 2015 by Techradar - Techradar

"A love letter to old-school gaming, Horizon Chase channels the Amiga’s Lotus series and Top Gear on the SNES. Thumbing its nose at ‘realism’, this is arcade racing at its best. A few races in and you’ll wonder why all racers aren’t made this way."
Best Mobile Game of 2015 Nominee. Stuff Gadget Awards - Stuff

"Even though I am not always into most racing games, I have to say that Horizon Chase is one of my favorite games of the year so far. The graphics are artistic and magnificent, the music is a quirky blast from the past, and the controls are easy enough for anyone to pick up. The gameplay is challenging, there is a ton of content for the price, and replay value is high. Seriously, there is nothing I don’t like about this game, and I’ve had a hard time putting it down since I bought it last night."
Christine Chan. AppAdvice (10/10) - AppAdvice

"Great controls, great feelings and tons of nostalgia make Horizon Chase one of the best racing games on iOS devices."
Alberto González. Vandal (9.5/10) - Vandal

"Nice nod to the 80s."
Jason Bradbury on Twitter

"I had so much fun racing I got into "the zone". Horizon Chase ROCKS."
Christer Kaitila on Twitter

"The visuals seem to be striking a balance between paying tribute to retro games and keeping something of a modern feel."
Carter Dotson - Toucharcade

"Retro heads will certainly dig it. I know we did: a panel of judges (including journalists, developers, and publishers) picked it as our third favourite game from a pack of nearly 30 at the speed dating-style show off."
Mark Brown - Pocketgamer

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